Guardrails Are Critical For Fall Protection

Guardrails Are Critical for Fall Protection

According to OSHA, the most frequent accidents in the workplace are falls. Unfortunately, falls are often fatal. Our team woke up this morning with the shocking news of a workplace fatality. Lack of guardrails around a skylight was the ultimate reason for the fatal fall.

If your building has a skylight, you need to have them inspected for compliance. Skylights rarely meet OSHA regulations unless they have secondary measures such as guardrails or safety screens. This issue is often overlooked because customers are told their skylights meet regulations requirements, when in fact they do not. Passive fall restraint systems like guardrails can be the difference between life and death when working at heights.

Trust US Fall Protection for Your Safety Railing Installation

Where fragile roofs and skylights are seen to be a key hazard, US Fall Protection’s fall proof covers or non-penetrating guard rails provide the ideal collective protection solution where untrained staff needs to access the roof. It is recognized that one of the biggest causes of accidents for those working at height is the lack protection on fragile roofs and skylights. US Fall Protection has the ideal fall protection solution.

In situations where roof access is regularly required by numerous people, US Fall Protection installed free standing guardrails provide an ideal collective fall protection solution. These systems are available in a range of styles and finishes, and can easily be installed without penetrating the roof.

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