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Industries We Serve

US Fall Protection specializes in the consulting, design, installation, testing and inspection of fall protection systems. We work with a variety of industries including construction companies, telecommunication leaders, utility providers and more to ensure safety on the job. Our areas of expertise include public and private buildings, aircraft hangers, as well as transportation, telecommunications, utilities structures and an almost endless list of applications. Whether it’s a bridge, tower, or a structure, we have your safety and compliance covered. Speak with our fall protection experts today!

US Fall Protection’s unique solutions can be fitted to new buildings and structures or retrofitted to existing ones. They are suitable for applications as diverse as bridges, towers, manufacturing plants, entertainment arenas and offshore platforms. We offer everything you need to work in horizontal, vertical, inclined, or overhead environments. Products we offer include everything from Permanent Systems, Temporary Systems, Flex Cable Systems, Rail Systems, Barrier Systems, Self-Retracting Systems, Walkways, Anchors, Single and Multi-span over-head connections, and non-penetrating Guard Rail systems that keep workers safe across multiple industries. We also provide a wide selection of Connectors, Harnesses, and ladder and skylight systems. Want to know more? Learn your ABC’s of fall protection here.