Cable Based Solution

Why choose Cable Based Solutions?

Latchways’ cable-based Constant Force fall arrest systems offer many advantages over solid trackway systems and kernmantle rope systems.

Strong and Durable

A Latchways system typically uses 8 mm diameter stainless steel cable, which provides excellent resistance to corrosion and wear. In a normal environment, a Latchways cable is expected to remain safely useable for up to 20 years. Also, the steel bracketry is electro-polished to enhance corrosion resistance.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Latchways’ cable-based systems are discreet. The 8 mm cable is very subtle in appearance and the bracketry is electro polished to co-ordinate with the cable. The Constant Force post typically stands only 195 mm high and can be color matched to virtually all modern roofing panels.


A cable based solution has an inherent flexibility that it to flow around corners, deviations and up and down inclines. Solid trackway systems have to be pre-engineered off-site, which can lead to problems during installation.

Cost Effective

Trackway systems typically require intermediate supports every 2-3 m. The supports for a US Fall Protection cable system are generally positioned at approximately 10 m intervals. Trackway systems therefore cost more in terms of requiring extra componentry and also take longer to install.

Protects Roof Integrity

The Constant Force post used in a US Fall Protection cable-based system is specifically designed to be fitted to virtually all types of modern roofing systems without damaging the integrity of the roof.

Controls Loads

In the event of a fall from a US Fall Protection Constant Force cable-based system, the loads generated in the fall are absorbed by the Constant Force post rather than being transferred to the roof, building or structure. This cable based solution protects the roof, building or structure from damage and therefore simplifies the process of re-certifying the fall arrest system.