Maintaining the Integrity of the Building Envelope

US Fall Protection fall arrest systems employing the Constant Force Post can be fixed to all major composite, built-up-on-site, standing-seam, secret-fix and membrane roofing.

Depending on the nature of the roofing system, Constant Force posts are fixed by means of stitching screws, split clamps, rivets, toggle bolts or mechanical anchors. There is no need to fix through the roof or attach to structural steel or purlins. Importantly, this top-fixing process ensures that the function of the building is not compromised during installation. In addition, it also has the advantages of reducing the effect of cold bridging and helping the building to meet the requirements of Part L regulations.

As long as the installer/contractor complies with the roofing system manufacturer’s approved procedures, fixing the US Fall Protection Constant Force post will not damage the integrity of the roof nor compromise the roof guarantee.