The essential attribute of a US Fall Protection fall arrest system is that it can be relied on to arrest a fall at the very first time. Where lives are at stake, theUS Fall Protection commitment is to 100% effectiveness.

As a major fall protection company, quality is central to all design and manufacturing procedures and is embedded into every aspect of the US Fall Protection business process.

All our manufacturing partners subject their prototypes to comprehensive testing including static strength, corrosion resistance, locking, conditioning and dynamic performance. Testing is conducted in their own laboratories and the results are submitted to external laboratories for independent verification.

Many system components are made from marine grade 316S stainless steel and the critical cast components are generally made from 17/4 PH stainless steel.

Every part of every system is individually inspected and all critical castings are subject to X-ray inspection and either dye penetrant or magnetic particle analysis.

Every product is marked to provide complete traceability.

US Fall Protection’s minimum performance demand is that every component will perform to a safety factor of two.