Worker Safety at Height

Working at heights doesn't have to be dangerous. The right fall protection system can ensure safety and regulatory compliance. Our mission at US Fall Protection is to take the danger out of working at heights in a way that doesn't sacrifice worker productivity. Whether you need horizontal or vertical systems, are moving along inclines, climbing ladders or need to tie off overhead, US Fall Protection will keep you safe. In fact, limiting liability by eliminating risk is in our blood. It is simply who we are and what we do.

At US Fall Protection, we specialize in solutions – not products. Our experience has demonstrated to us that, while there may be similarities, every customer has a unique fall protection problem. Therefore, our process involves all aspects of fall protection - risk assessment, risk control advice, engineering/design, fabrication, installation, system certification, comprehensive training, and annual inspections to ensure worker safety and legislative compliance. Simply put, YOU can count on US Fall Protection to provide everything you need to protect your employees.