US Fall Protection’s reputation as a world leader in safety at heights is founded on our unique understanding of the forces (loads) imparted on a fall arrest system in the event of a fall and the requirements of the system to arrest the fall. Whether it is a horizontal cable system, an overhead system, or a collective (passive) system, we have the expertise to solve virtually any problem.

The capacity of a cable system depends on the strength of the structure, supports, components and cable. US Fall Protection's systems commonly incorporate unique technologies designed to absorb the loads generated in fall arrest. In the event of a fall, the integral energy absorbing systems are deployed, a single post alone being able to absorb up to 6000 J of energy – enough for three people. This technology allows the system to be applied to a relatively delicate structure without the need to fix to structural steel or purlins.

US Fall Protection's horizontal and inclined fall arrest and fall restraint systems can be deployed across virtually all the major roof types including standing-seam, composite, built-up-on-site, secret-fix and membrane. Attaching these systems does not damage the integrity of the roof and therefore will not compromise the roof warranty.

Equally advantageous for rooftop applications are our freestanding posts, which are ideal for one-off repair or maintenance tasks.

In conjunction with our cable fall protection systems, a designated walkway system could be specified. US Fall Protection's walkways provide a level anti-slip surface, marking a designated route for workers to follow. Walkways can be affixed to all major roof types including standing-seam, composite, built-up-on-site, secret-fix and membrane and does not damage the integrity of the roof or compromise the warranty.

Where fragile roofs and skylights are seen to be a key hazard, US Fall Protection's fall proof covers or non-penetrating guard rails provide the ideal collective protection solution where untrained staff needs to access the roof. It is recognized that one of the biggest causes of accidents for those working at height is the lack protection on fragile roofs and skylights. US Fall Protection has the ideal fragile roof fall protection solution

In situations where roof access is regularly required by numerous people, US Fall Protection installed free standing guardrails provide an ideal collective fall protection solution. These systems are available in a range of styles and finishes, and can easily be installed without penetrating the roof.