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Ladder Systems

In situations where roof access is regularly required by numerous people, US Fall Protection wants to ensure your safety. Countless falls occur on the job due to poor safety oversight. With safety and ease-of access in mind, we work with your team to design and install high-quality, non-corrosive aluminum ladder systems for roof. In one quick install, US Fall Protection can provide safe roof access with a fixed ladder and vertical lifeline system that will fit your needs.

We work directly with manufacturers to design and install a roof-access ladder that serves your needs and protects your workers. US Fall Protection installs various ladder systems including small access ladders and we have ladder options up to 40 feet. We have multiple fixed-ladder systems for your roof as well as options like caged ladders, temporary stairs, removeable doors and more.

Vertical Lifelines for Ladder Systems

In inclement weather or hectic workdays, it is easy to lose your footing on a roof-access ladder. Our ladder systems work as an anchor point that, when attached to a vertical lifeline, keep your workers safely attached to the ladder as they travel up and down. No matter what your roof looks like, we can install the necessary ladder and lifeline systems to keep you safe and within OSHA requirements.

In conjunction with our cable fall protection systems, a designated walkway system could be specified. US Fall Protection walkways provide a level anti-slip surface, marking a designated route for workers to follow. Walkways can be affixed to all major roof types including standing-seam, composite, built-up-on-site, secret-fix and membrane and does not damage the integrity of the roof or compromise the warranty.