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About Us

When US Fall Protection was founded in 2012, we were focused primarily on the roofing industry. There were numerous suppliers of fall protection systems, but none that offered turn-key solutions. There was a need for systems that could be installed without voiding roofing warranties and that met OSHA, CSA and EU standards. After in-depth engineering tests at the University of Cincinnati, we realized that we needed a truly unique anchorage system. We turned to the European market for help. After researching available products and systems, we settled on one that met all the needs of the roofing industry.

From that simple beginning, we have grown to become a market leader across the full spectrum of fall protection requirements. We specialize in the consulting, design, supply, installation, testing and inspection of fall protection systems. Our areas of expertise include public and private buildings, aircraft hangers, as well as transportation, telecommunications, utilities structures and an almost endless list of applications. Whether it’s a bridge, tower, or a structure, we have your safety and compliance covered.

We offer everything you need to work in horizontal, vertical, inclined, or overhead environments. Products we offer include everything from Permanent Systems, Temporary Systems, Flex Cable Systems, Rail Systems, Barrier Systems, Self-Retracting Systems, Walkways, Anchors, Single and Multi-span over-head connections, and non-penetrating Guard Rail systems. We also provide a wide selection of Connectors, Harnesses, and ladder and skylight systems. The list just goes on and on.

Why Fall Protection?

Building owners, engineers, architects, roof consultants, and general contractors have a legal and moral obligation to protect workers. in 2012, the US Department of Labor announced a campaign led by OSHA to prevent deadly falls in the construction industry. Afterwards, the US Department of Health and Human Services issued a detailed instruction recommending permanent fall protection on all buildings.

According to OSHA, the most frequent accidents in the workplace are falls. Unfortunately, falls are often fatal. Falls take over 1000 worker lives a year and are a $5.7 billion industry problem, according to a Liberty Mutual study. In fact, OSHA’s 2013 Top Ten List of the most frequently cited violations had Fall Protection rated as number one. In 2014, OSHA issued compliance directive to the telecoms industry due to the large number of fall-related fatalities from cell towers.

This OSHA Fall Prevention Campaign also teamed up with NIOSH, NORA, and several other high profile organizations. In time, permanent fall protection systems will be mandatory in the US just as they are in Europe. Given the risk of looking at crippling fines and devastating personal judgments in civil court, the time to act is now. Are lawsuits against building owners common? You bet. And the numbers are growing every year. Is this how you want to read about your business or building?

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