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Lifeline Systems

Working at heights doesn’t have to be dangerous. Using the right fall protection system ensures worker safety and regulatory compliance. While passive fall protection systems are necessary for OSHA safety measures, active fall protection using vertical or horizontal lifeline systems is critical.

Whether you’re operating vertically, horizontally, around bends or up inclines, our cable-based lifelines will keep you safe. We understand the dangers and our team of experts install cable-based solutions that can safely stop or arrest workers if a fall should occur. Most importantly, our use of high-quality anchors, lanyards and lifelines will keep your workers safe without sacrificing productivity.

US Fall Protection’s fall arrest and fall restraint systems can be deployed across virtually all the major roof types including standing-seam, composite, built-up-on-site, secret-fix and membrane. Installations do not damage the integrity of the roof and therefore will not compromise the roof warranty.

The capacity of a cable system depends on the strength of the structure, supports, components and cable. US Fall Protection’s lifeline systems use unique technologies designed to absorb the loads generated in fall arrest. In the event of a fall, the integral energy absorbing systems are deployed, a single post alone being able to absorb up to 6000 J of energy – enough for three people. This allows the system to be applied to a relatively delicate structure without the need to fix to structural steel or purlins.

Your needs are unique and so are our solutions. We have the tools to keep you safe without restricting your mobility on a rooftop. Our solutions can be installed on new buildings and structures or retrofitted to existing ones. They are suitable for applications as diverse as bridges, towers, manufacturing plants, arenas and offshore platforms. Most importantly, they are proven durable and reliable in virtually all climatic and environmental conditions.